a snippet

of my latest portfolio work.

the first is a womenswear collection designed for rodarte and is based on the light box that i made as one of my trend boards.
the whole idea was to try and show over-exposure through layering of fabrics, so i’ve only put up two out of six outfits as there are a lot of layers to them!

the second is a menswear collection and is based on west park psychiatric hospital (the trend board with the doors).
this was all about big chunky knits, the idea of concealment, and some back-to-front, slightly straightjacket-ish shirts.


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audrey niffenegger

the time travellers wife has been a favourite book of mine for a few years now. i love everything about it, the way it’s written is really captivating.
however, i had no idea that audrey niffenegger is also an artist- until i got one of her books as a christmas present from J.

“the three incestuous sisters”

it sounds odd, and is odd. it is beautiful, a book told through images. her style is amazing, so hands on, and the images are all stories in themselves.

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i get to post pictures of sackboy! i knitted him for J’s 21st, but in case he decided to wander across my blog, i haven’t been able to put photos up til now.

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martin o’neill

such beautiful work- and it’s all done by hand!


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happy go lucky

i saw this film for the first time a few nights ago. i LOVED it!
it’s definitely helped me to keep my head on the last few days; what with J’s 21st, christmas and going home for the holidays, it is hard to keep on top of work, but it’s put everything into perspective.
i love my course; why are people so eager to rush everything?! life only happens once!
and for once, the fact that i can’t get out of bed means i just have to get on with work… i never thought i would find something useful out of this illness.

i also have very happy news today, for 5 weeks next year, i get to do my work placement at Lowie, home of my favourite knitwear designer!

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